Simone Micheli



"I always make projects with enormous feeling of ethics. I am sure my works bear great emotional charge. They are recognized and unique."


Simone Micheli has graduated Architecture Department of Florence University. At present – Professor of Milan University.


In 1990, aged 26, he founded his own architectural studio. In 1991, he exhibited his works during biennale in Venice for the first time. In 2003, he founded Simone Michele Architectural Hero design studio. His works in architecture, graphics, interior design, exhibition stand design, various living and social objects – all of them are closely connected with the world of deep feelings, perception and senses. Simone Micheli is a curator of several experimental events held during the most serious and competent international exhibitions.


Demonstration of his projects is held during the most important and prestigious architectural and design exhibitions around the world. Among the prizes obtained by Simone Micheli within the latest years, - Design Plus 2007 (Frankfurt) and Comfort & Design 2008 (Milan). Awards in Best Interior Design and Best Apartment Italy were given to Micheli during Homes Overseas Award 2007, held in London. For his project of Golfo Gabella Lake Resort, created for Sist Group, Micheli received the international prize of “Best project in the sphere of real estate. Living premises”. In 2008, Micheli was nominated for European Architectural Award Plaster 2008 in Portugal for his astonishing Ritzo House, and received International Media Prize 2009 in nomination of “Annual public spaces grand award” in Shenzhen.


This Italian genius has brought billions for those investors who had trusted in him. His works became architectural sights of the new time.


The hotels he creates give their clients that fantastic feeing of comfort and pleasure, their interior and concept touch the most precious thing in today’s world – our emotions; the architecture and interiors of his creations amaze the feelings of each guest, and they can’t leave the place without thinking of returning to it once again.

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